Total Joint Class

If you're scheduled for a total joint replacement at our hospital, we invite you and a guest to attend our Total Joint Class. This class is designed to inform patients of what to expect before, during and after their procedure. This education can help our patients create a sense of reassurance of the total joint replacement process. The Total Joint Class is at no cost to our patients and all total joint patients are highly encouraged to attend by the hospital and your physician.

You can also register by calling (402) 609-1600 or toll free at (855) 609-1600.

Total Joint Class

If you are under the age of 19, your parent or guardian MUST be present BEFORE your surgery and sign a consent form in order for us to treat you. Also, You will need someone who is over 19 years of age to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours if you are having anesthesia. This is very important for your safety. Surgery will not occur unless you are accompanied by someone to drive you home and stay overnight with you.

Only take medications as directed by your surgeon and primary care physician.

Common medications that are sometimes directed to avoid include insulin (or oral diabetic drugs) and diuretics (water pills). Aspirin, ibuprofen, diet medications and blood thinners are usually halted seven days prior to surgery. We advise you to check with your physician and surgeon to get the appropriate list of medications you should discontinue before your surgery.

Bring medications in original bottles.

Please bring all your medications in the original bottles, including eye-drops, inhalers and any herbals or supplements. This will help us verify your medical information correctly.

Wash with special soap and remove makeup.

Lightly wash your entire body (from the neck down) with special soap according to your surgeon’s directions. Your surgeon should provide you with the soap, a special nylon sponge and bathing instructions. Do not wear makeup, including eye makeup.

Leave personal belongings and money at home.

Do not bring valuables or money unless directed otherwise. Remove all jewelry including rings, earrings and other piercings, along with watches prior to surgery. Please leave them at home to avoid misplacing these items.

Plan and arrange to check-in at the hospital two hours prior to surgery.

Arrive at the hospital two hours before your surgery and check in at the front desk. Arrival times can sometimes vary and you may be given specific arrival instructions during your pre-screening phone interview. Children are allowed in the hospital, but we ask that all children under the age of 14 be accompanied by an adult at all times.