Our highly-trained sports medicine physicians are among the best in the region.

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Official Sports Medicine Providers

OrthoNebraska includes a team of physicians who are experts in sports medicine. Sports medicine is a specialty that addresses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries caused by participation in sports or exercise. Our sports medicine team focuses on rapid recovery and safe return to activity. Therapists work closely with physicians to create treatment options that accelerate the healing response and shorten recovery times.

A personalized treatment program is developed based on each individual's injury, age, sport and other lifestyle needs. Movement patterns, body alignment and treatment goals are also unique factors contributing to to all therapy and rehabilitation plans. Many of our therapists and physicians are former athletes themselves, and understand the demands of the sport.

For a list of sport specific therapy programs, visit the Physical Therapy section.

Our Sports Medicine Team

The physicians of the OrthoNebraska Sports Medicine Team are specialists and leaders in their field who consist of board certified orthopaedic surgeons dedicated to delivering the highest standard of healthcare. These physicians are trained in the latest sports medicine procedures and technologies, and are supported by a talented network of physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, and athletic trainers.

For a list of Sports Medicine physicians, see the list on the right hand side.

Sports Medicine

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