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“I was so surprised when the physical therapist walked into my room on the day of surgery and asked me if I was ready to get up and walk. I had my doubts, but I did it.”

LaWayne Feit

LaWayne Feit
Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

“The first time I went back on the field I went to tackle somebody. I thought it would hurt really bad, but it was all good.”

Parker Gutschow

Parker Gutschow
Arm Weightlifting Injury

Sports Medicine

“I tried to do a flip turn and I actually could. It was a joyful moment to go through all this surgery and then finally be able to do something back in the water to show that it’s paying off.”

Alyssa Wagner

Alyssa Wagner
Swimming Shoulder Injury

Sports Medicine

Emergency Room

From migraines to fractures, we have a full-service ER without the usual wait. See a doctor in less than 15 minutes on average.



Timely and accurate X-ray, CT and MRI services, including a wide bore MRI. Down the hall from the orthoaedic clinic, we also have Pandora music to make you more comfortable.

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Physical Therapy

Our orthopedic therapists have more than 20 special certifications to help you recover quickly, allowing you to journey on better than you may have thought possible.

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Orthopedic Urgent Care

No one wants to wait while in pain. See an orthopedic specialist right away in Omaha or Papillion, with a normal specialist co-pay.

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Sports Medicine

Our experienced orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and athletic trainers work alongside athletes varying from the professional athlete to the club sports athlete, providing cutting-edge injury prevention and safe return to sport.

For more information, call our Injury Hotline at (402) 609-2800 or

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We help manage rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other rheumatic diseases and have convenient on-site infusion therapy.

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Advanced Orthopedic Care

As Nebraska’s first hospital dedicated to the complete care and treatment of orthopedic patients, we combine state-of-the-art facilities with the nation’s top orthopedic surgeons.

Top Orthopedic Surgeons

Our leading orthopedic doctors work as a team to diagnose and treat your condition. Find the right doctor to get you back in shape.

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At OrthoNebraska, just about anything is possible.

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